Custom-made available from €1399!

Take Your Exposure to New Heights with Airdome

When it comes to exposure at (sport) events, clinics, and trade fairs, Airdome offers a unique blend of elegance, affordability, and practicality. Our inflatable event tents not only stand out in a crowd but also provide reliable shelter in unpredictable weather conditions. Best of all, they are exceptionally easy to transport and can be set up in a matter of minutes. 

Quick and Effortless Setup in Under 5 Minutes

Time is of the essence, and you need a stunning marquee or sporty exhibition tent in a flash. Look no further than Airdome’s inflatable event tents – the ultimate solution for swift event organization. Our spacious tents are your dependable companions at your next marketing activities, offering protection from sun and wind while saving you precious time and money. With a setup time of less than five minutes, you can place them anywhere with ease.

Customization Starts at Just €1399

Airdome’s fully custom-made event tents may come at a slightly higher price, but the return on investment is unparalleled. Imagine the increased exposure and success of your events. Our event tents start at just €1399 and are delivered in a compact backpack. This portability means you can transport, rearrange, and store them inexpensively, fitting in small cars or even on a bicycle. Setting up an Airdome event tent requires only one person and less than five minutes.


Event Tents for Automotive Enthusiasts

For automotive events, first impressions are crucial. Airdome’s inflatable event tents showcase cars and motorbikes to their fullest potential. The striking arches offer ample space while enhancing visibility at shows. Powerful legs add to the presentation’s impact. These grandiose tent surfaces are ideal for impressive advertising displays, as renowned companies have already experienced. We offer a range of tent sizes and professional guidance for both private and B2B customers.

Event Tents for All Occasions

Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or a music event, Airdome has the perfect event tent for any occasion. Rent or purchase colorful or plain event tents, suitable for both indoor and outdoor gatherings. Count on Airdome’s years of experience to extend party rooms, create delightful shelter for poolside parties, or provide canopies in gardens and open spaces.

What is the price of a printed inflatable tent

The #1 Inflatable tent in Europe

Airdome offers small, medium, and large event tents tailored to your specifications. With options for doors, windows, roofs, extension walls, and panoramic views, we ensure your complete satisfaction for any hospitality, party, or corporate event. Choose from sizes like 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, or 6×6. No need for time-consuming pole assembly or re-pumping; just unpack, unroll, and inflate with the plug-in pump.


Discover Airdome

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Check out our current projects or get inspired for your next event.

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Airdome 3D Design Skoda France Inflatable Tent Design

Our in-house design team will handle the entire design process of your Airdome or event. We can say that the Airdome will increase the visibility of your brand or team, but we rather show you.

Airdome Inflatable Tent for promotions

Everything you need to know about measurements, sizes and options. Do you have any questions? Contact us directly or start a chat.

Airdome Inflatable Tent for promotions


Check out our latest projects at Airdome. We have recently completed exciting projects that embody innovation and excellence and are a great example of how we work. Curious to learn more? Click below to explore our latest projects and learn more.


The price depends on your wishes in terms of size, print and accessories, but the Airdome is available from €1399 custom made.

We can deliver your customized Airdome within 10 business days after artwork approval. Do you have more urgent need? Then contact us to discuss the possibilities.

No. The Airdome is designed with a patented airtight system, which means it only needs to be inflated once and does not require a constant air or power supply.

The airdome can be seen as a canvas on which the entire roof area and walls can be printed in full color with an unlimited number of logos, graphics or even full color photos.

The Airdome is available in the following sizes: 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 5 and 6 x 6 meters. It is also possible to combine different sizes to create the perfect exposure

The Airdome comes standard with a 2-year warranty on the frame and leaks. Should something happen to your Airdome after these 2 years? Our service team is always at your disposal.

What our clients say:

Built today for the first time🫡🙏Super quality and very well thought out 💪
Everything went well👍 I am very satisfied with the tent😎
Yes, perfect; the white is certainly somewhat sensitive to contamination. Runs! We are very satisfied. The fan is quite sufficient. Goes quickly.
Thanks to Patrick Hövelmeyer and his team from Airdome Inflatable Tents for the very good advice and implementation!
Hi Patrick, cool part. Looks really good. Very impressive. Mega 👍

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