#1 Inflatable tent in Europe

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Why chose Airdome for your next event?

  • Delivered in 1 single backpack, easy to transport in a small car.
  • Set-up in less than 5 minutes by 1 person, no costly team required.
  • Air closed system, 1 time set-up, no air or power supply needed.
  • Fully custom-made, completely delivered in your brand identity.
  • Designed in the Netherlands, delivered within 15 business days.
  • Different sizes and connectable to create the perfect set-up

Our clients:

Clients of Airdome Inflatable and pneumatic tents for promotions

SOME OF Our clients

Clients of Airdome Inflatable and pneumatic tents for promotions
Airclosed, no constant power supply needed
available in different sizes and connectable
fully custom-made in your corporate identity

about us

Started in 2015 in a small dutch town called ”Borne” and grown to a worldwide supplier of global brands like Volvo, Audi, Canon, Yamaha, Gardena and much more

Our experience have takes us a long way and we always take the extra step to make your event, exposure, clinic or sponsorship outstanding.

We aim for perfection and deliver a full service from design to distribution of our products worldwide. We deal with deadlines and know as nobody else how important it is to work with a partner that can be trusted. Got a project coming up? Keep in touch so that we can make your next event memorable.

request your 3d-design

From the design of a single Airdome to the complete artist impressions of your event set-up, with our in-house design team and all the required creativity we are able to offer the best impression of your set-up even before you have an idea about it.

All our design services are always included and our design team is ready and waiting for your project. Curious how our products will look like in your corporate identity? Request a free 3D Design below.