From a small town in the Netherlands to the worldwide stage


The Air­dome Mis­sion

What be­gan in 2015 in a small Dutch town has grown into a world­wide ex­pe­ri­ence for some of the world’s big­gest and best brands.

We nev­er imag­ined that com­pa­nies like Vol­vo, Audi, Canon, Yama­ha and Gar­de­na (and so many more) would rely on us for a sig­nif­i­cant as­pect of their pro­mo­tion­al ma­te­r­i­al.
But we’re very ex­cit­ed that they do.

Our mis­sion ear­ly on was a sim­ple one. Build a great prod­uct, of­fer qual­i­ty ser­vice and think of the plan­et in every choice and in every­thing we do. We’re proud of what we do, and we couldn’t be hap­pi­er that we’re mak­ing a dif­ference each day. Thank you for tak­ing an in­ter­est in Air­dome, and we can’t wait to work to­geth­er

From the design of a single Airdome to the complete artist impressions of your event set-up, with our in-house design team and all the required creativity we are able to offer the best impression for your set-up even before you have an idea about it.

All our design services are always included and our design team is ready and waiting for your project. Curious how our products will look like in your corporate identity? Request a free 3D Design below.

Canondale Airdome Inflatable Tent

We're only as good as the great brands we work with

We don’t only work with big brands,  but the fact that some of  the world’s best companies have chosen to work with us brings us an immense amount of  pride. 

Clients of Airdome Inflatable and pneumatic tents

Good business can still mean keeping an eye out for Mother Earth

In this day and age that we live in, we find it impossible not to think about the planet as much as we think about building great products. Not just in the materials we use,  but in our manufacturing process and the durability of every Airdome Inflatable Tent. We use 100% recyclable materiasl in our tent frames, ensure that the roof of every Airdome can be swapped out and reused, and guarantee every tent sold for a full three years to ensure you know we mean it when we say our tents will last.

Airdome Inflatable Tent Spain JPG

our exposure have increased dramatically and because of the fact that airdome can be transported on just a bike with zero emission and can be used for many years it matches our core values perfectly. Great work!